The primary goal at Nipika Mountain Resort is to offer comfortable accommodations in tandem with exciting and interesting activities in a sustainable, non-consumptive manner.


As an eco-resort, Nipika operates in harmony with our beautiful, mountain surroundings of British Columbia.

British Columbia is one of Canada’s best examples of pristine wilderness and Nipika makes every endeavour to coincide with our surroundings in sustainable, eco-friendly ways. Our philosophy at Nipika is to fully engage and help our guests enjoy the spectacular setting using self-propelled activities, while utilizing clean energy sources, and recycling everything we can. It is Nipika’s goal to enjoy Canada’s Rocky Mountains in non-consumptive ways.

Nipika Mountain Resort - Accommodation & Activities in the Rocky Mountains

The Sun Shines Here!

Nipika is completely off grid.

At Nipika, we’re proud to source power from the sun and the forest around us. Being solar powered, all of the eco-resort’s electricity is generated via clean, natural and sustainable means.

The majority of Nipika’s heating needs are satisfied by salvaging dead wood from the woodlot and burning it in a central boiler to provide hot water heating to the guest cabins and other buildings. Our hot water is supplied using the same system.


Solar panels collect sunlight, activating the photovoltaic cells and deliver electricity to the storage batteries (red) which in turn deliver the power as AC current to the facilities through the inverters (the white boxes).


Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the trail system.

Nipika takes its environmental stewardship responsibilities seriously and therefore all of the forestry activities are done to enhance the wildlife habitat and recreational values of the land. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the trail system, and hunting is not permitted at Nipika.


All buildings and a great deal of the furniture at Nipika have been built from local British Columbia trees killed by the Mountain Pine Beetle. At Nipika, we selectively horse log the woodlot, mill the wood on our own bandsaw mill, and build everything on site in the woodworking shop. Our team at Nipika creates all of the designs and we are proud to say, do all the construction ourselves. We take great pride in the fact that the majority of the building materials are selectively pulled from the surrounding forest from trees that are already dead.


Learn about Nipika’s involvement in controlling the Mountain Pine Beetle.


Nipika’s historic barn, our day lodge, provides a home for Nipika’s environmental learning center. Guests can access information on all aspects of our natural surroundings, history, and culture in this historic interpretive facility.

Nipika is proud to be a pet friendly resort. Anyone wishing to tour Nipika’s facilities and learn more about the eco lodge can simply ask any staff members, and an educational tour will be arranged.

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