Operating in harmony with our natural environment


Nipika’s philosophy is to help guests enjoy the spectacular setting using self-propelled activities, while using clean energy sources.

We operate in harmony with our beautiful, mountain surroundings. British Columbia is one of the world’s most wild places and Nipika endeavors to coincide with our surroundings in sustainable, non-consumptive ways.

Nipika Mountain Resort’s entire focus is self-propelled activities. Vehicles are off the roads during people’s stays. Once guests park, they hike, bike, canoe, trail run, ski, etc.

We also recycle everything possible with a large recycling centre by the central check in.

The sun shines here

Nipika is completely off the grid.

We source power from the sun and forest around us.

All of Nipika’s electricity is generated via renewable, clean solar energy. After an upgrade to a state-of-the-art system, the large solar panels harness up to 15 kilowatts of solar energy which charges lithium batteries. The batteries can hold as much as the sun brings in. Inverters change the energy to regular household current to deliver to the cabins and buildings.

Solar panels at Nipika

The majority of Nipika’s heating needs are satisfied by salvaging dead wood from the woodlot and burning it in a central boiler to provide hot water heating to the guest cabins and other buildings. Hot water is supplied using the same system.


Nipika takes environmental stewardship seriously.

All Nipika’s facilities are built from salvaged, dead wood from our wood lot. Most of the furniture was built by us using dead wood, too. We are fully committed to sustainable woodlot practices, meaning the forest grows at a faster rate than we take out. We also log selectively to enhance wildlife space.

Nipika mitigates wildlife stresses in surrounding areas. There is no hunting allowed on Nipika/Cross River land and no motorized access (other than our groomers).

Nipika Rocky Mountain Cabins - Kootenai