Nipika is an eco-resort

Nipika is an eco-resort

Nipika is an eco resort. But what does that mean? Here are some of the ways we practice sustainability and authentically operate in harmony with nature.

Solar power

At the top of the meadow are large solar panels. They harness up to 15 kilowatts of solar energy. Updated Schneider inverters, charge controllers, and lithium batteries hold the intake of the clean energy, which then goes to the cabins as regular household current/power.

When the first cabin was built in 1997 (the Rocky Mountain,) a solar electrical power system was put in. It was upgraded with more capacity in 2000, 2001, 2016, and again in 2021.

Wood heating 

Each cabin has wood-burning stoves to keep guests warm in the cooler months. But how else is heat provided? A wood boiler heats water tanks and floors in the cabins and Day Lodge. Wood fuel is carbon neutral, making it an energy efficient and eco-friendly way to heat.

Natural toiletries

Nipika offers natural hygiene products from Rocky Mountain Soap Co., a Canmore-based company who makes toxin-free products, handmade in small batches with natural, simple ingredients. The products are in pump bottles, which saves partially used product from being wasted and eliminates the use of tiny bottles. We refill them with product from large containers we keep onsite. If you’ve ever wondered what smells so good in the Day Lodge or cabins, it’s the lemongrass scent in the Rocky Mountain Soap!


We have a large recycling centre at Nipika (by the check-in cabin) and ask guests to recycle everything possible: plastic, glass, cardboard, and beverage bottles. Our staff then take it to a local recycling depot.

Furniture and cabins

Nipika’s cabins and warming huts are built from salvaged wood from our sustainable wood lot. Most of the furniture was also built on-site with this milled wood.


Our staff meets at our Invermere office and carpools the ~50km to and from work daily, keeping multiple vehicles off the roads.

Encourage being in nature

The Wilson’s vision for Nipika was always a wilderness resort with a focus on self-propelled activities. Once guests arrive at Nipika, vehicles stay parked for the most part. People ski, fat bike, snowshoe, hike, bike, trail run, and relax with the beautiful natural views. It’s a pedestrian resort with minimal footprint on the environment.

Long-standing commitment

Nipika has always been at the forefront of green tourism and continues to evolve and grow as need and new technology arise.